Dreamy Journey Event Guideline

Dreamy Journey, shining on the way! Many thanks to all Stylists and your company for one year!  

We have witnessed the miracles that we created together all the way. There must be a special moment along this Dreamy Journey. 

Nikki and Momo are delighted to hold this Fan Art Contest in this Anniversary day to invite you here. 

Use your brushes to color our Anniversary! 

You are welcome to draw any characters from Shining Nikki and feel free to choose your theme as long as it is connected with our anniversary or Dreamy Journey. 

Event Timeline

Submission: 7/6  – 7/31 23:59 (UTC-7) 

Community Voting: 8/1 00:00 – 8/7 23:59 (UTC-7)  (Any votes after this deadline will not be counted)

Evaluation and Vote Count: 8/8 – 8/12

Result Announcement: 8/13

Rewards will be issued after the announcement.  

Submission Guidelines

1. Log in and complete your profile FIRST. 

- Make sure you have linked your player ID to the account that you use to upload your artworks!

2. Click the "Upload" button at top-right of website. 

- Fill in all the necessary information there and submit your masterpieces.

- Choose "Dreamy Journey" for "Genre" 

3. If your creation gets picked by Momo, you will receive an e-mail and a notification at Fan Art Community. Your artwork will be displayed on  2022/8/1 00:00(UTC-7).

 4. This contest is seperate from "Nikkiverse" Picture Retouching Contest. You may participate in both events and win twice.  

Submission Requirements

1. The "Dreamy Journey" Event is a drawing contest. Momo will only accept pictures as entries. 

2. Though the method of drawing is not limited, please do submit COMPLETE and COLORED works instead of drafts. 

3. There is no limit to the photo size of your work, but make sure the file submitted is no larger than 10M. Only JPG, PNG, and GIF are accepted. 

4. Your entry should be related to Shining Nikki only.


Gold Prize (3 winners): 8000 pink gems + Momo's bag & Momo's notebook

Silver Prize (5 winners): 6000 pink gems

Bronze Prize (10 winners): 4000 pink gems

Community Favorites: 

- Top 1-3: 4000 pink gems

- Top 4-30: 1500 pink gems

Participation award: 500 pink gems 

*To win the participation award, your work has to meet the submission requirements and thus gets shared by Momo in the community. 

Important Notices

1. Each contestant (according to your name and player ID) can submit a maximum of 5 artworks. Each contestant can only win one award. 

2. The winners of gold, silver, and bronze prizes will be evaluated by the staff. Community Favorites will be decided by the votes (numbers of likes) they get on the website. 

3. If a contestant wins a Gold/Silver/Bronze Prize, the contestant will not be considered for Community Favorites and the award will pass on to others. 

Evaluation, Voting, and Reward Process


- Basic evaluation (on whether a work has fulfilled its requirements) will occur every weekend since 7/6 and will be completed before 8/1.

- If your work passes the basic evaluation, you will receive a notification and your work will be posted in the community on 8/1. 


- Voting starts from 8/1 00:00 to 8/7 23:59 (UTC-7) in the Fan Art Community. All works that have passed the basic evaluation will be posted simultaneously at 8/1 00:00. 

- Please vote by liking the piece of work. 

- Each person has unlimited attempts to vote, but one can only vote a piece for once. 

- Non-gameplayers are also allowed to vote after logging into the community. 


- Rewards will be issued after 8/13. In-game rewards (pink gems) will be sent to the in-game email box, and real products will be delivered to the winner's address. 

Contest Rules

1. Please create only ORIGINAL work. Do not copy from others. 

2. Do not include anything inappropriate or offensive in your work, including but not limited to contents that are anti-social, political, violent, or pornographic. 

3. The work submitted must be in its initial release. Do not submit work that has already published on other platforms. 

4. Contestants must not cheat by any means and promote his/her/their artworks by inappropriate means during voting. If any contestant is found to be cheating during voting, he/she/they will be disqualified for this contest. 

5. For copyrights, please refer to "Community Rules". If contestants are working as a team, please use a representative to upload the artwork and confirm that each member of the team has agreed to submit their work to this contest. Write down each member's name at the upload page. 

6. Papergames reserves the right of final interpretation of all content submissions. 

Please contact the e-mail below if you have any further questions regarding this Fan Art Contest: